Katrine Kavli

I am full of passion. Not only for testing, but for a myriad of interests and hobbies. I want to know everything in the world, and if something catches my interest, I use every waking hour on gathering information on it. That’s why I not only know my way around testing, I also excel at ¬†scripting, developing websites, making graphic design and implementing usability in everything I do. What does users and customers think of when they use your product? I can tell you. For years I’ve been studying how humans and the digital realm interact in so many different areas. And if I’m not familiar with a subject or a program, you can damn well rely on that I’ll learn all about it in no time. In short, I’m a digital octopus.

I believe in smiles, respect and a positive attitude to people around me and my tasks. I’m loyal and very helpful, but not the least afraid to question authority or call bullshit on established routines and processes. I’m not in this job make the most money in the shortest amount of time, to sell expensive and/or needless solutions, to show off my fancy blue shirts, or to compete with my testing colleagues on assignments. I don’t do drama and politics. I’m in this job to help you find weaknesses in software that you never even knew existed, and to learn as much as humanly possible.